Swift Pick Mini-Flake Pine Shavings

Swift Pick Mini-Flake Pine Shavings

Premium mini flake pine wood shavings. Precision textured for easy picking, kiln dried for extra absorbency!

This product really packs a punch.  Swift Pick mini flake pine shavings are precision screened to remove dust and large flakes.  The mini flake is easy to pick and will reduce your consumption and disposal much like the pellet, but it is Ready to Bed!  Packaged in our ultra compressed tote bale with gusset grabs.  Get more facts about packaging and volume.

Our bags are easy to handle, easy to store in our exclusive Easy Tote bag. Easy to carry, easy to store.

This high quality premium pine bedding will outperform any shavings product on the market today.

Swift Pick Pine Shavings are specifically textured to be easy to sift, easy to pick, and substantially more absorbent than traditional shavings. The wet spot will actually clump. The fiber is multi- screened and aspirated to remove airborne dusts and capture a specific mini flake. This is a small particle wood shavings bedding that is very low dust, but still so easy to pick, you will not waste bedding. This means you will use less and dispose of less bedding.


Consistency is critical

You will receive the same high quality bedding every time!  Particle size and dust levels are controlled on every bag.

Reduce your disposal

Our fine texture is so easy to pick and sift, you simply throw less bedding away. Several counties and states already impose limits on disposal volumes relative to property size. This type of legislation is being proposed all around the country. By reducing the disposal of bedding material, composting becomes much more efficient. Our bedding products will help you comply with future disposal ordinances. Reducing your disposal is obviously favorable over reducing your herd. For more compost information please visit the o2compost.com website.

Dust extraction and aspiration assures a low dust environment. 

Our manufacturing process controls the particle size. Our fiber texture stands up under the weight of the horse. The dust extraction process removes the small airborn particles that can be dangerous to the respiratory system of the horse.

The white pine fiber of our raw material is an aesthetic bonus.  It works great, looks great, and will save you money. Swift Pick Pine Wood Shavings are simply the best shavings product you will ever use.

We are sure of it!


We package our Swift Pick™ mini flake pine shavings in our convenient 2.25 cubic foot Easy Tote Package. This tidy pack is heavy because, while we triple screen to remove dust, this mini flake shaving is compact and heavier per cubic foot. For more information about fiber size as it relates to volume and weight, visit our “package and volume information” page.


If you have any questions about our bedding products, there is an expert a phone call away!

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