100% Pine Pellet

100% Pine Pellet

Condensed Pine Wood Bedding Pellet—The Next Generation of Horse Bedding

Our pellets are manufactured to higher standards than other pellets on the market. We use only kiln dried pine shavings. We extract the dust prior to pelleting so the softened fiber is lower in dust while maintaining high absorbency. Packaged in our space saving bag that contains .95 cu. ft. of pelletized pine fiber (40 lbs).

In its softened state, our pellet bedding is highly absorbent & easy to sift.  A healthy, long-lasting alternative to shavings or straw.

  • Ready to use

  • 100% soft wood fiber

  • .95 cu. ft. (40 lbs per pag). Learn how pellets are packaged/labled for volume

  • Heated to extreme temperatures to remove tars, oils, hydro-carbons, and other potential allergens

  • Hightly absorbent (wet spot actually clumps)

  • Reduced disposal volume by up to 50%

  • Consistent

  • Fine textured to sift easily

  • Low dust is achieved through our extensive dust extraction process

  • Composts quickly and efficiently




Consistent Texture

Guardian manufacturing specifications provide a softened fiber that will be larger, more consistent and longer lasting than other brands. You can count on the same high quality pellet every time.

High Heat Treated to Remove Allergens

In the pelletizing stage, the wood is high heat treated removing tars, oils, hydrocarbons and other potential allergens.

The Power of the Pellet

The Guardian pellet is compressed under high pressure. This pellet will expand up to 5 times its size when exposed to moisture. Pound for pound, the Guardian Pine Pellet will be the most absorbent bedding you can find.

Highly Absorbent

The wet spot will actually clump for fast and easy removal. We recommend 4—5 inches of depth in the stall. This will provide the bedding needed to trap the urine quickly, avoid spreading of the wet spot, which will reduce ammonia levels and waste less bedding.

Reduce Consumption and Disposal

Guardian Pine Pellet bedding will greatly reduce your bedding consumption and disposal over traditional flake shavings and straw. Some farms have recorded 70% consumption and disposal reductions with our bedding. While the pellets may be slightly more expensive per bag, then traditional shavings (not in all areas), you should cut your consumption by 30—50%. If you do the math, ( or we’ll do it for you) we expect that you should save no less than 25% up to 50% on your bedding costs. If you pay to have your manure hauled away, or pay someone to spread it, you will save by reducing your disposal by 30, 40 up to 50% as well!

Save Time Cleaning Stalls

Guardian Horse Bedding Pine Pellet Shavings as well as Swift Pick Shavings will pick so fast and easy you will clean stalls in a fraction of the time.

More Room For Hay

The Guardian Pine Pellet is packaged in a 40 pound bag that will require about 1/3rd the space of a traditional flake shaving bale. Since you will use less too, your storage requirements will be reduced by 2/3 to 3/4. Additionally, our pallets are wrapped and capped for safe outside storage.

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