Pine Cobble

Pine Cobble

A revolutionary new litter/bedding that is super absorbent, ultra clean and naturally controls odor.

Guardian’s 100% pine cobble is a precision screened fiber that, like our pellets, is high heat treated in a process that heats the wood fiber to levels of pasteurization. Our goal is to provide you with the safest, cleanest, incredibly absorbent litter of the highest quality for your pet.


What does this mean?
Oils in the wood are removed to reduce allergens and concerns of molds, toxins and other contaminants found in unprocessed fibers, woods, corn, wheat and clay are eliminated.


Guardian Angel Pine Cobble is perfect for high moisture environments or for pets that prefer to dig to cover their waste. The texture of Cobble appeals to the natural instincts of a cat. Free choice, a cat will choose a granular, loose substrate that will sufficiently cover their scent. Our Pine Cobble texture and the natural botanical bio-filters are specifically designed to recreate a natural environment for a cat. In support of their mental health, it is important for a cat to feel safe indoors or out.

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