Absorb & Clean

Don't let the "natural" fool you!  When it comes to absorbents, natural is better.

Absorb&Clean™ 100% natural absorbent delivers unmatched performance for cleaning up liquid spills on land, water, and hard surfaces. View our side-by-side comparison video.


Absorb&Clean™ compressed wood fiber is 100% natural which makes it environmentally neutral.  Absorb&Clean™ is perfect for most liquid spills from water to hydrocarbons. Extreme heat processed to boost performance.


Equustock's Absorb&Clean™ is specifically screened to control dust and provide a superior level of on-demand absorbency.  Absorb&Clean™ eliminates the need for multiple products.


Equustock's UHCBS³ fiber binding technology is a proprietary process that creates tiny, highly absorbent micro sponges.  View the MSDS.




There are many uses for Absorb&Clean:

Large equipment leaks, Maintenance, Absorption of liquids for solidification disposal. Reduces dispoal of weights to reduce costs. 


Quick absorption of oils and other hydrocarbons. Cleans up transmission fluids and grease quickly and safely. Can be reused until fully saturated.


Fast first response to absorb spills, body fluids and potential slip hazards in rooms and halls.


100% natural, safe for turf, water or runoff applications. No additives. Biodegrades compost. Use as a soil amendment.


With multiple fiber sizes and blends, we offer the best product option for your application. For: LCM, Absorbents, Solidification for disposal. Our Absorb&Clean products are USDA 100% BioPreferred Certified and offer a clean, safe, easy to handle material that is available on demand.

Just because we're natural, doesn't mean we are weak! Our line of absorbents provide the power and efficiency you need in the field. Our proprietary UHCBS3 Technology boosts the power for fast on demand performance.  


Use in and around equipment to absorb leaks quickly and safely. Avoid slippery surfaces that create work place hazards. Safe and easy application to reduce work place injuries.


Incredible absorption on turf and playing surfaces. Light cover for fast drying of slick turf or super absorbency of puddles. Great for soccer, baseball, golf, football, or any other sport that requires safe footing. PLAY BALL!


Use in the garage or home for fast, safe cleanup. On pet accidents and vomit for quick absorption and easy removal from carpet and floor.


Our paint hardener is an environmentally-friendly paint management solution that turns liquid paint to a solid for curbside disposal. Works with paints and stains. Less mess and less effort than other methods. Works great on cleaning up paint spills too! Not: Contact your local sanitation service or recycling center for appropriate method of disposal in your area before using this product. 


Visit the absorb and clean site here to learn more!