Mission Statement

From the very beginning our vision was to create a brand with national and international appeal.

Linked at its very roots to the well-being of the horse and sharing common values of:

  • Pet, People and Planet Health.
  • Product Reliability, Consistency and Diversity to meet the needs of a broad and varied consumer community.

These values have become a part of the Equustock DNA and are indistinguishable from the brand itself.

For such a brand to grow nationally and internationally without diluting its identity requires careful and constant development of intricate business and production strategies.

We began as a manufacturer of Premium Horse Bedding and diverged into a multi-spectrum of pet, absorbent and fuel products. The DNA of our brand remains firmly rooted in the personal responsibility of manufacturing Premium Horse Bedding products and that tradition of quality extends to all Equustock products.

Our origin is horse bedding and our opportunities lie in bringing the same core values to our cat litter, absorbent, bio-fuel while continuing to develop new products at the leading edge of technology.

We will never waver from our roots or lose direction on our journey ahead.                                                                                                                        EQUUSTOCK