Environmental Policy

At Equustock, We believe a safe and effective – 100% natural absorbent should be good for the environment too.

Our ground-breaking process has resulted in a super absorbent product line that is 100% natural and environmentally sound from start to finish.  Through beneficial use of engineering of our production lines to produce multiple products from the same raw materials, Equustock has literally altered the meaning of full circle recycling. 

Equustock has been producing enhanced wood product materials as absorbents for multiple industries over two decades. Join us in our efforts and contact one of our experienced sales team members today to learn more.

In all of our operations we will be guided by the founding principle of sustainable development, namely, meeting the needs of the present without compromising future generations. In this regard we commit to:

  1. The prevention of pollution

  2. Minimizing our impact on the environment


To further these objectives, Equustock commits to:

  1. Complying at all times with all applicable laws and regulations relating to the environment and where appropriate to exceed or supplement these with our own exacting standards.

  2. Incorporating into our practices the best available environment-friendly technologies that are economically achievable. Bring energy efficiency into our new buildings, structures and equipment and manage energy wisely in all operations.

  3. Reducing the consumption of materials in our operations. We will reuse rather than dispose whenever possible and promote recycling and the use of recycled materials.

  4. Reducing wherever practicable the level of harmful emissions. We will minimize the use of all materials and energy and not use any materials derived from endangered species. In addition, Equustock will encourage affiliates to promote renewable energy where available and feasible.

  5. Raising employee awareness of environmental issues and encouraging environmentally responsible behavior.

  6. Developing, maintaining and implementing policies, procedures and management systems that assess and monitor, on a continuous basis, the environmental impact of our products and operations.



From our inception, we have been dedicated to manufacturing a 100% natural, bio-based product line that contributes to protecting our environment, our animals and the human beings that care for them.  With roots in animal care, environmental stewardship and sustainability, we naturally give attention to every detail of our product cycle.  In other words, we don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk.

As pioneers in developing beneficial uses for millions of tons of by products, we focus on manufacturing a sustainable product.  Through the selection of raw materials, manufacturing efficiencies, product benefits to reduce packaging demands, reduced consumption / disposal volumes associated with our products, and regional production placement to reduce transportation impact – we have built a sustainability model that is unique to the Equustock brands.

All raw feedstock materials are waste by products from sustainable forestry management certified sawmills or timber from sustainable forestry management projects and private land conservation projects utilizing timber restoration and reforestation, forest thinning for quality growth and fire cessation programs.   

Reduction of litter and bedding consumption is a direct economic benefit to the consumer.  This reduction in consumption also brings reduction in disposal, which is beneficial to everyone.

Disposal minimization reduces landfill waste from urban large animal and residential small animal applications.  Our 100% pine products are compostable (excluding solid waste from cats), biodegradable, and will reduce disposal volume overall. 

Utilizing the benefits of our proprietary UHCBS³ technology to increase the absorption and functionality of our products we have reduced the volume of packaging materials and associated manufacturing necessary to support the need of each consumer by four times on average. 

With multiple plant locations, our regional production minimizes transportation distance to our retailers, reducing the energy impact and carbon footprint of every bag on the shelf.  At Equustock, we produce a premium product focused on convenience, effectiveness and quality via our ongoing pledge to support a sustainable commitment to our product manufacturing, transportation, packaging and disposal.  

Our manufacturing processes include removal of dust from our pre-production fiber.  Our dust removal process provides the energy feedstock to fuel our drying equipment.

Our Virginia operations are nestled in our eco-industrial park on the James River dedicated to a cacophony of green manufacturing businesses.  http://www.thesustainabilitypark.com/  The Sustainability Park offers a unique environment for the development of large-scale sustainability and renewable energy projects and manufacturers.

All of our manufacturing operations are zero waste sustainable production facilities focused on environmentally responsible production of our 100% natural products. 

We hope you will join us and do everything you can to promote responsible environmental practices as they relate to animal waste management.  You have taken the first step with your interest in the Equustock family of 100% natural brands.

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Equustock brands include:

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